Striper of the Day
Joel Nelson
Just another striper in Phoenix. I've been striping since the early 90's. It is the one thing that never gets old and I enjoy meeting cool new people and hearing about their rides! ...

Welcome to Pinhead Lounge

Pinhead Lounge pinstriping archive is dedicated to the preservation of the art of traditional pinstriping. Pinhead Lounge is a growing and active online striper's community! What you'll find here is a list of artists who use a specialized pinstriping brush such as those made by Mack and lettering enamels such as one-shot to lay out extremely beautiful and stark symmetrical patterns on a variety of media. Pinstriping by hand is a delicate, time-consuming fine art, and it needs to be shown off. Pinhead Lounge is an archive for artists to share images of their work and keep the art form alive. Pinstripers and lettering artists who haven't back since the new version will need to reactivate their accounts before they can log back into the portfolio area.

This service will help raise general awareness about traditional and kustom pinstriping and help artists to market their portfolios. If you are looking at hiring an artist, please browse the portfolios for striping a style that suits your needs, and contact that artist directly through their contact information in their showcase.

Welcome Back - Read this first!

Pinhead lounge was temporarily out of commission after an unfortunate database limit was reached. I've completely revamped the site's internals to do more or less the same service with a lot less overhead. So what does this mean for users of pinhead lounge? Well there have been a number of improvements to reliability and all the data was successfully recovered, so your work is safe and sound.

I have completely rewritten the login system to avoid some annoying bugs that kept coming up, but with that change means you'll have to update your password on the site. If you had a portfolio on pinhead lounge before the downtime, please Reactivate your account now. It only takes a second :).

Hope you love the new Pinhead Lounge! Please don't hesitate to send me an email if the site gives you any flak.